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Pastor Brandon attended the first ever Deliverance conference that was held at Global Vision Bible Church in September of 2022. At the time, Pastor Brandon was not sure what "deliverance" was, but he told his wife Meagan that everything in his spirit was telling him that he needed to get to Tennessee for this conference. 

​What Pastor Brandon did not know was that this conference was going to be life changing for not only him, but his family, the community, and the "C" church. Over the past year Pastor Brandon & Meagan have gone through deliverance, have helped others go through deliverance, and have continued to study and ready about this commission that Jesus gave us in Mark 16. Not only was this a commission that Jesus gave, but this was also one-third of his ministry.

​Deliverance is something that has not been taught for way too long in the modern-day church, which has allowed believers to be captive to bondage for way too long. If you or your church is interested in a deliverance service, please reach out to us !

Huber Ministries LLC never wants to be a financial burden to you or your church. Our ministry will NEVER charge a booking fee but  leaves the option up to you and your church to take a love offering. Our main mission is to share the truth and love of Jesus! 

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